Domestic Presence

With the help of our long-standing market presence and integrated business model we have been able to create a wide spread market presence in India, thereby catering to various manufacturers functioning in various industries. We have been able to cater to changing and specific need-based requirements of our customers by being the forerunner in providing a complete packaging experience by integrating the efforts of our R&D Division, Design Division and our ability to customize the usage of our product in various applications. We have a dedicated team of professionals for managing and overseeing the production, marketing and selling of our products. However, what makes us stand out is our quality control and quality assurance team, which ensures that we manufacture superior quality products. We have a competitive advantage being an integrated manufacturer, to customize our products with variations as per the specific requirements of our customers. We believe this distinguishes us from the other players in the industry.

The following map depicts our market presence in India: